Elevate your interior design with our exquisite range of laminates. Available in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures, our laminates offer a versatile and durable solution for your surfaces. Whether you're revamping your kitchen countertops or adding a stylish touch to your furniture, our laminates combine aesthetics with practicality, creating a stunning finish that will stand the test of time.

Laminex Showroom Hobart

Design for Life

Laminex has been part of Australian life for more than 85 years. With a commitment to design, innovation, quality and sustainability endures, Laminex continue to produce a beautifully curated collection of decorative surfaces. They’re perfect for a wide range of styles and applications and are designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday life.

The new Laminex Colour Collection is a timeless range of laminates, categorised into four decor categories: Whites and Neutrals, Woodgrains, Minerals and Accents – globally inspired and adapted for all Australians to enjoy.

Laminex create hardworking surfaces made for real projects – for real life. Form and function unite to create beautiful and practical benchtops cabinetry, splashbacks, wall panels and doors. We also manufacture speciality surfaces like chemical resistant and anti-microbial surfaces for healthcare and education through to alfresco solutions and fire retardant surfaces.

Laminex has been a proud Australian manufacturer for over 85 years.
During that time, They have grown from a tin shed in Melbourne to multiple large-scale manufacturing plants in city and country locations right around Australia.

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Formica Showroom Hobart

Perfect for any project

Create your ideal look with Formica’s new range of laminate surfaces.

Strong, resilient and convenient, Formica laminate is the practical solution for delivering reliable results. Choose from a range that includes everything you need – from stylish benchtops and cabinetry through to wardrobe and cabinetry interior panels.

Our range of solid colours, patterns and woodgrains can create a look that suits your space – no matter what your budget.

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Fenix Showroom Hobart

For a range of horizontal and vertical interior applications, including kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, bathrooms and furniture. FENIX® is not only beautiful to look at, it is a high-tech material that is made unique by its characteristics including – thermally repairable, anti-fingerprint, soft to touch, hygienic, durable, waterproof.

FENIX is now Carbon Neutral. To reach carbon neutrality, all the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere during the life cycle of FENIX materials have been quantified. From the extraction and transport of the raw materials, through the production of FENIX and, ultimately, their disposal, everything has been taken into consideration and has been quantified. FENIX’s carbon footprint is certified by an independent third party.

FENIX® is created by undergoing a series of processes including multi-layer coating, use of nanoparticles and acrylic resins that are hardened and cured using an innovative Electron Beam. When viewed under a microscope, you can see that the surface of FENIX® is uneven, a landscape of peaks and troughs. Rather than being reflected the light is diffused making

FENIX® highly matt. Its high performance surface allows for dust and water to simply slide off, making FENIX® hygienic, mould resistant, and waterproof.

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Wilsonart Showroom Hobart

As one of the most innovative decorative surface materials on the market, Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate offers long-lasting beauty and reliable performance at an affordable price.

Wilsonart Laminates feature realistic decors that provide a cost-effective alternative to engineered stones and solid surfaces. Our on-trend decors include some of the most popular concretes and stones in refreshed designs which are also capable of being post formed with very tight radiuses giving a modern square edge.

Wilsonart Low Pressure Melamine Panels are a refined and economical option for a range of applications such as cabinets, joinery, wall panelling and furniture.

They are available in a number of on-trend décors and finishes with matching edging and alignment to High Pressure Laminate offerings, providing a coordinated story for your design requirements.

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Homapal Hobart Showroom

shaping emotions in interiors

Homapal specialty laminates focuses on high quality interior design products ideal for use in retail, hospitality, residential, education, offices – wherever interiors need to be refined with elegant or usable surfaces. They offer architects, planners, designers and joiners a broad range in applications.

Our range of real metal, magnetic, writable & projection surfaces are continuously developed and adapted in line with the latest market trends. Thanks to our diverse ranges and broad spectrum of decors, our solutions offer an almost unlimited scope for creativity and customisation.

The Homapal range is more than just a laminate, it is shaping emotions in interiors.

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EGGER Showroom Hobart

EGGER laminates combine durability with attractive design. They are the ideal solution for horizontal and vertical surfaces with medium to high loads as well as for curved or rounded elements. As coating material, they can be bonded to chipboard, MDF, HDF Multiplex, plywood boards and other coreboards. The EGGER Decorative Collection includes laminates in postformable quality, standard quality and low flammability laminates.

Joinery Supplies Tasmania

Discover the extraordinary world of laminates at Joinery Supplies Tasmania! As the foremost provider and distributor for cabinet makers, builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of high-quality laminates.

From sleek and stylish timber veneers to captivating decorative boards, we provide a wide range of options to suit your specific requirements. Our collection also includes durable and versatile plywood, along with an array of doors, benchtops, and essential hardware. With Joinery Supplies Tasmania, you can trust that all your cabinet and renovation needs will be met under one roof.

Our team of knowledgeable experts is dedicated to providing invaluable guidance, ensuring you make well-informed decisions and achieve exceptional outcomes. When you choose Joinery Supplies Tasmania, you’re choosing a truly transformative experience. Let us help you bring your vision to life and create stunning results with our outstanding range of laminates.