Discover the perfect surface solution for your kitchen or workspace with our range of benchtops. Crafted from premium materials, our benchtops offer durability, functionality, and stunning aesthetics. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of stone, the warmth of timber, or the sleekness of laminate, our selection provides options to suit every taste and project requirement.

Joinery Supplies Tasmania

As the premier destination for all your benchtop needs, we are proud to present two esteemed suppliers, Quantum Quartz and Meganite, renowned for their innovation and commitment to excellence. Whether you’re seeking timeless elegance or contemporary allure, our carefully curated selection of benchtops offers a seamless blend of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

At Joinery Supplies Tasmania, we are committed to delivering superior benchtop solutions that exceed your expectations. Explore our collection of Quantum Quartz and Meganite benchtops and discover the perfect fusion of form and function for your kitchen or bathroom project.

QUANTUM QUARTZ Benchtops Hobart

Established in 1989 and remaining under Australian ownership, WK Quantum Quartz provides innovative design options to the architectural and design communities, stone fabricators, builders, developers and renovation retailers as well as homeowners.

Joinery Supplies Tasmania are the exclusive distributors

The selection includes 40 varieties of Quantum Quartz engineered stone and 8 QuantumSix+ porcelain options.

Meganite Benchtops Hobart

Founded over 40 years ago in 1976, Meganite is a private, family-owned business

Starting with manufacturing composite materials like resins and gel coats, the company progressed to solid surfaces – their core focus.

Today Meganite builds off their long history and expertise to continue to innovate with acrylic solid surfaces. Anticipating market needs and evolving their product range, Meganite focuses on providing the solutions of tomorrow.

It’s Versatile. With it’s durable and repairable qualities, Meganite can be specified everywhere from decorative cladding to high traffic areas.

It’s Innovative. The seamless joins of the veined patterns have changed the limitations of decorative surfaces

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Laminex Benchtops Hobart

Laminex features an expansive range of finishes that emulate the look and feel of marble, stone & natural timber.

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Formica Benchtops Hobart

Our range of high pressure laminates allows you to create beautiful laminate benchtops, no matter your budget.

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Fenix Benchtops Hobart

FENIX® NTM and FENIX® NTA are suitable for a range of interior commercial applications – and can deliver a range of style aesthetics, with use on both vertical and horizontal applications.

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