Joinery & Cabinetry essentials

Find all the essential components for your joinery projects in one convenient place. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality joinery essentials. With our reliable products, you can ensure smooth functionality and precise assembly for your cabinetry and furniture creations.

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Joinery & Cabinetry Essentials from Laminex

Joinery Supplies stock and supply White Melamine products, a daily trade essential used in all joinery projects.

  • White Melamine HMR Particleboard E-1
  • White Melamine HMR edged shelving
  • White Melamine HMR Corner Units
  • White Melamine HMR E-Zero
  • White wrapped rail
  • Edging ABS
  • Edging Preglued Melamine
  • Kickboard

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White Melamine MDF Satin (High Moisture Resistant)
This product is constructed of high quality moisture resistant MDF with a satin white melamine surface bonded to both sides. With a clean, hard-wearing surface, melamine boards are suitable for internal cabinetry, draws or shelving

White Melamine Particleboard is available as standard, moisture resistant or edged for easier finishing.

White Melamine Particleboard is an ideal panel for applications where a white finish is desired because the surface does not require any painting or finishing. Applications can include shelving units for the kitchen, laundry, wardrobes and other furniture.

White Melamine finishes available:

Stipple or Decor – This is a light textured finish similar to orange peel
Velvet – This is a a soft ‘egg shell’ finish that is smooth to touch