Adhesives & Silicones 

Joinery Supplies excels in providing cutting-edge adhesives and silicones, serving various industries. Our commitment to quality ensures customers receive top-tier products for joinery projects. With a comprehensive collection, they cater to diverse needs. From high-performance adhesives to premium silicones, our range exceeds expectations. Elevate your craftsmanship with Joinery Supplies.

Bostic Adhesives Hobart

Bostik: A global leader in adhesive technologies

Our business is about much more than sticking things together. For over a century, we have developed smart solutions that touch and improve people’s daily lives.

Bostik adhesives can be found almost everywhere. From construction sites to schools and offices, food packaging to transport, our bonding systems are used in countless applications. Our customers come from diverse markets, most notably the industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer sectors.

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Revolutionizing Industrial Adhesives

Tensor is a renowned producer of industrial adhesives, offering a unique range of products designed to enhance efficiency and save time. Our flagship line of aerosolized adhesives, known as Tensorgrip®, has earned a reputation for its outstanding performance and convenience.

The Tensorgrip® adhesives are packaged in canisters, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology. This, coupled with fast-acting, high-grade adhesives, enables significant time savings in your production process. Here’s how Tensorgrip® can accelerate your operations:

  • Fast tack: Each adhesive achieves tack readiness within 5-120 seconds.
  • High green strength: Immediate bond strength is noticeable upon application.
  • No extra equipment: Our system eliminates the need for air compressors, 20L drums, or pot guns.
  • Minimal clean up and maintenance: Streamlined adhesive application means less hassle and reduced maintenance requirements.

Benefits of the Tensorgrip® System

The Tensorgrip® system offers a range of advantages that enhance your adhesive application process:

  • 100% transfer: Our aerosol technology ensures that all sprayed adhesive reaches the substrate, minimizing wastage.
  • Low solvent content: Once applied, the adhesive evaporates promptly, reducing drying time.
  • Adjustable spray patterns: Tensorgrip® provides easily adjustable spray patterns to suit various applications, making it portable for onsite jobs and easy to clean.
  • Cost and time savings: By choosing Tensorgrip® adhesives, you eliminate the hassle and expenses associated with changing your adhesive system.

Striving to Provide the Finest Adhesives and Tools

Tensor Global is dedicated to manufacturing top-of-the-line adhesive and tool systems with your needs in mind. With our regional head office in Australia and additional offices in Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai, we have a widespread presence throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Our team members and distributors are ready to support you, ensuring that you derive maximum benefit from your Tensor products.

Experience the innovation and efficiency of Tensor adhesives and witness how they can revolutionize your joinery projects. Trust in Tensor to deliver exceptional quality and performance, empowering you to achieve remarkable results.

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Surteco Adhesives Hobart

Inspiration meets innovation

With ongoing investment in the production of ABS edgeband, SURTECO Australia are committed to creating the highest quality product through local design, materials and manufacturing.

We have been manufacturing in Arndell Park in Sydney NSW since the mid 1980’s and we proudly employ local hardworking people to produce high quality product. Over that time, we’ve also expanded nationally, and currently service all states and territories across Australia.

However, SURTECO Australia are not just an ABS edgeband company, we also lead the market by crafting beautiful, on-trend decors and surfaces, and have been for over 130 years in Germany. This is a legacy we’re very proud of.

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Joinery Supplies Tasmania

Welcome to Joinery Supplies Tasmania, your premier destination for high-quality adhesives and silicones. When it comes to joinery projects, having reliable and durable bonding solutions is crucial, and we are here to provide you with a comprehensive range of products to meet your needs.

At Joinery Supplies Tasmania, we understand the importance of strong and long-lasting bonds in the construction and woodworking industry. That’s why we have carefully curated a selection of adhesives and silicones that are specifically designed for joinery applications. Whether you’re working on cabinetry, furniture, or any other woodworking project, our products are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

We take pride in offering a diverse range of adhesives and silicones, ensuring that you have access to the best options for your joinery projects. From fast-drying and high-strength adhesives to flexible and weather-resistant silicones, we have the solutions to cater to different requirements and specifications.